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How do I display promotions/price reductions on Twenga?

During the sales or when you are running a promotion, our system automatically detects price variation in your product feed using the 'price' field (or directly on your site if you're using a crawl system to transmit your catalogue). 


Our system automatically calculates the price difference for your products and displays:

  • The crossed out price
  • The final price
  • The percentage or price difference
  • The mentioning of "sales" (this only applies during the official sales period of the country you are displaying your offers in)


Other information regarding the sales period:

  • Update your feed with sales prices as early as 3pm the day before or as late as 2am the day the sales start.
  • Do not change the <designation> or <description> fields and do not add any notion of a promotion.
  • Anticipate the addition of new products to be indexed by adding them to your feed up to 7 days before the start of the sales. These products must be added to your feed with the standard price (not sales price) and you should make sure that the <item_display> field is set to = 0 so you don't display them too early. When you want to make your feed available for the sales, change this field to <item_display> = 1 and add the sales price.


Note: Our system has a 15-day log history. If the price variation is lower during this period, our system will not be able to display a price difference, the crossed out price or a mentioning of 'sales'. Only the final price will be displayed.


If your product information has not been updated after 48 hours, please contact the Support Team via the contact form. Make sure to include examples of products that are related to your request.

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