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Create a feed to import your catalog

Your feed list, total or partial, must be contained in a TXT, or XML file. 

Changes from your site of your catalog implicate a modification of the file:

  • Adding or deleting a product
  • Modification of product information: price, url, description...

The file must have the proper structure and be accessible for the Twenga feed system.

The more the file is complete, detailed, structured and up to date, the better the indexation of your products will be on Twenga. This is why we invite you to follow the following instructions in the creation of a feed, structure of your file but as well as the fields that must be filled out.


In order to integrate your product data, we recommend you to send us an XML file according to Google specifications. You can find the technical specifications directly on this page: 

We are there to help you! Once you have created your feed, send us the URL of your feed via the page or by email to to validate your feed together.

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