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The number of clicks displayed in my Smart BID stats does not match the number of clicks in Analytics/on a different interface. Why?

You can access your statistics on the Twenga Solutions interface. Hover over the button in the top-left corner of your screen to display the vertical menu.

Click on the "Smart Feed" section to open the menu, then click on "Stats".


If you notice any incoherences with other interfaces, there are several different elements you can check:

- Analytics: It is important to note that Analytics shows the number of sessions rather than the number of clicks. This means that it is normal if Twenga shows more clicks than sessions in Analytics. For more information, you can contact the Support Team to verify the settings in Analytics. You can also consult Google's dedicated article on the discrepancies between AdWords and Analytics.

- Other interfaces: We advise you to contact the necessary manager for more information on the incoherence in statistics and to understand the different settings and how they are managed etc.


Get in touch with the Support Team via our contact form if you have any further questions.

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