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How can I set a budget for my Smart LEADS campaign?

In your Twenga Solutions interface, move your mouse towards the left of your screen until the vertical menu is displayed.

Click on the section "Smart Leads" in order to open the roll-down menu then on "Campaign Management":




You will be redirected to the page allowing you to set your monthly budget cap also available via this link.

Firstly, you will find the precisions of the functioning of the budget.

Then, a recap table of your activity over the current month and the preceding month.

Then, you will have the possibility to set your budget.

Finally, you will be able to consult the summary of set budgets for the current month and the following month.


Fill in your desired budget in the section "Your budget" in the space provided:



Clicking on "Save Changes" after having set the amount of your budget cap, you will also have the possibility to adjust your budget cap for the following month:



Note: The "Minimum amount authorised" can never be less than £100. If it is more than £100, consult you current monthly consumption via your Dashboard. In fact, the monthly budget cap that you set can never be less than your current monthly consumption.



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